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Events, both before and after they are held, represent one of the most common subjects of press releases. But how exactly are these press releases, both press release for upcoming event, composed and distributed so as to optimize their impact in the public arena?

First of all, press releases are intended to attract the attention of journalists, editors and media outlets – and nothing does this more than an attention-grabbing headline. No matter how interesting the content of a press release is, it is less likely to be noticed if it lacks an engaging title. This is because journalists and editors are usually inundated with hundreds of press releases, news items and calls to action sent to their inboxes every day.

The headline, therefore, should be interesting, understandable and – perhaps most importantly – reflect the essence of the news it is reporting. Once journalists and editors are drawn in by the headline, important information about the event can be conveyed within the first paragraph (also known as the lead).

Because it is announcing an upcoming event, important details (names, dates, venues, contact information, email addresses, etc.) should be provided in accordance with the all-important 5W1H rule. The press release text should answer all questions that a would-be participant might have about the event.

If all this is adequately addressed, invitees – including members of the press – will be more inclined to put the event on their calendars. In this regard, special invitations to media personnel should not be overlooked. The press release, along with formal invitations, should be sent out to press members at least four weeks before the event is scheduled to be held.

Information should be provided in the first paragraph with the intention of stoking readers’ curiosity. Once readers (including journalists and editors) are provided with all the essential information, addition details about the event can be given in the second and third paragraphs of the press release.

This constitutes a basic rule of press release writing: information about the subject should always be prioritized from “most important” to “least important.” With this in mind, the question “Why is it important to attend this event?” should be answered early on in the press release text.

Needless to say, press releases should be composed in such a way that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. All relevant contact information must also be included so that potential attendees and media personnel can obtain whatever additional information they require.

Along with the press release, additional material can also be sent to journalists about an upcoming event. This material may include relevant information about the venue (instructions on how to get there, etc.); speakers or artists to be featured at the event; and who is expected to participate.

Examples of pre event press release

The following post event press release carried by prominent news agencies provide excellent examples of how different events can be publicized – both before and after they are held.

How special days can be used as newswire press releases for marketing 

Special days or occasions (International Women’s Day and World Animal Day, for example) give brands an opportunity to distinguish themselves by stressing shared values – in other words, the common emotions and values they share with their particular target audience. 

When it comes to special days and occasions, the most effective newswire press releasesis a way to raise the media visibility of a brand (and the products and services with which that brand is associated) is by distributing press releases that are relevant to the special day or occasion in question.

After all, a brand’s primary goal is to attract the attention of potential customers and target audiences – this is the meaning of brand awareness. The basic elements needed to raise brand awareness and foster longstanding customer loyalty include an emphasis on shared values – values that the brand has in common with its target audience. With this in mind, special day communication represents a crucial aspect of marketing strategy in general and brand communication activities in particular.

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